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Thank you for stopping by our little place on the Internet.  Here?  You will find out a little about us.  Our likes, and basically what has kept us together since 1977.

As you can see.  We love Hawaii and hope to

build there soon.  We love Rving, Nascar, Cruising and family.  Our kids and grand kids are our joys in life.
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AA saved our lives in 1993.  This site was all about The Program for about 20 years.  The page needed an update but The Program is not out of our lives by no means.  Thanks also Mom & Dad N.

We closed down the business in 2012 after 45 years.  So Don being newly retired is a new adjustment in our lives.  God bless Mom & Dad.  They taught us how too adjust to things.  Together!

As stated above.  We hope someday to build on the Island of Hawaii. Those and other updates will be on those pages.  Be it Rving Nascar, Hawaii and so on. Updates will be made on the blog.  And we hope you stop by often.

Don & Debbie